We’ve come up with 9 flavours to tickle your taste buds. All baked daily in-store, and they're nut free. We’ll pack each box with each flavour, and depending on the size of the box we’ll surprise you with a second or third one!

Lemon Curd - Vanilla butter cake filled with lemon curd & lemon butter cream
Cookies & Cream - Vanilla butter cake with cookies & cream butter cream & oreo cookie
Raspberry - Vanilla butter cake filled raspberry puree & raspberry butter cream
Vanilla Bean - Vanilla butter cake with vanilla bean butter cream
Caramel - Vanilla butter cake with caramel butter cream
Chocolate Cream - Vanilla butter cake with milk chocolate butter cream
Passion fruit - Vanilla butter cake with passion fruit butter cream
Coffee - Vanilla butter cake with coffee butter cream
Chocolate Brownie - Rich chocolate brownie with butter cream

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