Sink your teeth into a lip-smackingly delicious frosted cookie. If you’re after a cookie for your special occasion, we’ll bake them fresh, decorate them beautifully, and deliver them straight to your door. Don't see a design you like on our website? We can custom-make a special personalised cookie just for you. Whether you’re in search of the perfect bomboniere for an upcoming christening or wedding, or just looking for a gift to say thank you, a bakery-fresh cookie from The Cupcake Room is the perfect treat.


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Baby Feet Cookie
Baby Feet Cookie Sale price$4.50
Batman Cookie
Batman Cookie Sale price$4.00
Bee Hive Cookie
Bee Hive Cookie Sale price$6.00
Best Teacher Ever Cookie
Best Teacher Ever Cookie Sale price$4.00
Birthday Balloon Cookie
Birthday Balloon Cookie Sale price$4.50
Black Cat Cookie
Black Cat Cookie Sale price$5.00
Butterfly Cookie
Butterfly Cookie Sale price$4.50
Crown Cookie
Crown Cookie Sale price$4.00
Dino Cookie
Dino Cookie Sale price$5.00
Dinosaur Cookie
Dinosaur Cookie Sale price$5.00
Dress - Ballerina Cookie
Dress - Ballerina Cookie Sale price$5.00
Duck Cookie
Duck Cookie Sale price$4.50
Edible Image Cookie
Edible Image Cookie Sale price$5.00
Emma Wiggle Bow Cookie
Emma Wiggle Bow Cookie Sale price$4.50
Emma Wiggle Dress Cookie
Emma Wiggle Dress Cookie Sale price$5.00
Emoji Poo Cookie
Emoji Poo Cookie Sale price$6.00
Ghost Cookie
Ghost Cookie Sale price$5.00
Halloween Trick or Treat Cookie
Happy Birthday Cookie
Happy Birthday Cookie Sale price$4.50
Happy Halloween Cookie
Happy Halloween Cookie Sale price$5.00
Ice Cream Cookie
Ice Cream Cookie Sale price$4.50
International Women's Day Cookies
Lego Cookie
Lego Cookie Sale price$5.50
Letter Cookie
Letter Cookie Sale price$4.50
Mermaid Tail Cookie
Mermaid Tail Cookie Sale price$4.50
Minnie Mouse Cookie
Minnie Mouse Cookie Sale price$5.00
Moustache Cookie
Moustache Cookie Sale price$5.00
Numbers Cookie
Numbers Cookie Sale priceFrom $4.00
Onesie Cookie
Onesie Cookie Sale price$5.50
R U OK? Cookies
R U OK? Cookies Sale price$5.00
R U OK? Cookies (Imprint)
Religious Cookie
Religious Cookie Sale price$4.50
Religious Pearl Cookie
Religious Pearl Cookie Sale price$4.50
Ribbon Cookie
Ribbon Cookie Sale price$4.50
Rocket Cookie
Rocket Cookie Sale price$4.50
St. Patrick's Day Cookie
St. Patrick's Day Cookie Sale price$4.50

Delicious cookies for any occasion

Providing the Greater Sydney Area with delicious mouth-watering treats, we pride ourselves on delivering quality products every time. For additional sweet treats, check out our selection of custom cupcakes. If you'd like to contact us with any questions or special requests, use the enquiry form or pop in to our store. We can also deliver straight to your Sydney CBD office, or any other Sydney postcode.